Yakima voters Did your district issue pass Feb. 8?

Did you vote or skip the ballot in the February 8 special election? Yakima County Auditor Charles Ross said his office sent out nearly 45,000 ballots, but only 12,500 ballots, or 29%, were returned on Election Day.

Voter turnout was lower than Auditor Ross had expected

That’s a lower turnout than the 34% Ross predicted. He says that with more people added to the state’s voter database each year, the number of people who don’t necessarily plan to vote is decreasing.
But those who did vote approved the majority of the levy questions that emerged in the Feb. 8 ballot. Counting continues in the auditors’ office until the election is certified on Friday, which means all counting stops.

All but two questions that appeared on the February 8 special ballot passed

Ross says levies were on the ballot in Grandview, Highland, Mt. Adams, Union Gap, Wahluke, Wapato, West Valley and Zillah school districts. The Naches Park District has requested support for a 2-year special levy.
All issues passed with the exception of Proposal 2 in Union Gap and the levy in the Grandview School District. Some people wonder why they didn’t get a ballot for the election. Ross says if you didn’t receive a ballot for the election, you weren’t living in a school district that was requesting special levy support.

Are you or someone you know not registered to vote in Yakima County?

If you are not registered to vote, you can register today for the upcoming November 2022 election at the Yakima County Auditor’s website at

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