With the deputies in Oppn, Fatorda and the inhabitants of Margao, the problem of Sonsoddo will not be solved

March 14, 2022 | 07:16 IST

With the deputies in Oppn, Fatorda and the inhabitants of Margao, the problem of Sonsoddo will not be solved

Say Kamat has failed to solve the problem for the past decades, despite being chief minister; Sardesai’s strenuous efforts were in vain, although he was in government two and a half years ago

Team Herald

MARGAO: Residents of Fatorda and Margao believe that the much-discussed and contentious Sonsoddo landfill issue will remain unresolved for another five years as the two MPs from the respective constituency will sit in the opposition group.

Residents are very upset about the above issue, since the second major fire reported in recent days. The Sonsoddo landfill scenario clearly indicates that people have to put up with this problem for many more years, as there is no system in place or commitment to solve it from the concerned authorities.

It is pertinent to note that the Assembly election result clearly shows that MP Fatorda Vijai Sardesai and MP Margao Digambar Kamat will sit in opposition for another five years. And therefore, it will be very difficult for them to pressure the next BJP government to solve the garbage problem urgently.

The people of Margao and Fatorda are also of the opinion that the MP for Margao Digambar Kamat has failed to solve the problem over the past decades, despite being the chief minister. And on the other hand, the strenuous efforts of Vijai Sardesai remained in vain, although he was in government two and a half years ago.

“Yes, this is a matter of concern not only for the people of Fatorda, but also for the Madgavkars. It was expected that the relevant deputies from Fatorda and Margao would be part of the government, which would have helped to solve the Sonsoddo problem, but the situation went the other way,” said Peter Fernandes of Fatorda.

According to Pravin Naik, a resident of Borda, the new government must now take this issue very seriously so that the population does not suffer any more.

“Now, who will be able to raise the issue with the new government? We have seen in the past that our political leaders have failed to solve the problem, despite being in government, and so it looks like we will have to put up with the stench and pollution of Sonsoddo for many more days,” did he declare.

Chetan Borkar, a resident of Margao, said people have been facing the Sonsoddo landfill problem, in addition to the waste management problem in Margao for several decades.

“I doubt that the deputies of Fatorda and Margao can do anything regarding Sonsoddo by sitting in the opposition. They will not be able to do anything great, except raise their voices in the Assembly,” he said. declared.

However, he urged the two MPs to take up the challenge through the Margao City Council, which is under their control, and prove that they are capable of solving the Sonsoddo problem.

It is relevant to note that the bioremediation of the inherited Sonsoddo landfill is not yet complete, and at the same time, there is no more space inside the old factory to dump more waste, generated day by day.

MMC’s request letter for permission to transport 10 tonnes of waste from Margao to Saligao Waste Treatment Plant has also been pending before the Goa State Pollution Control Board for several days. This authorization was requested following the recent major fire reported in Sonsoddo.