With contract still pending, Emporia’s Curbit recycling program maintains steady numbers

Curbit logo.

Officially, Earth Day was on Friday – and there was a special update on Emporia’s Curbit curbside recycling program on KVOE’s Talk of Emporia with Keith Senn, Solid Waste Supervisor of Emporia. ‘Emporia.

Ongoing since June 2015, Curbit serves homes as well as multi-family dwellings with up to four living spaces. It takes most recyclable materials, including plastics, glass, papers and cardboard. Wrapping paper and plastic grocery bags are not accepted.

A Curbit expansion contract is still ongoing between the city and Hamm’s, but Senn says the contractor is still meeting the terms of the previous contract after it expired last year. Senn said recycling markets have finally rebounded from their slump in 2018.

Curbit collected over 90 tons of recyclables per month. Combined with other programs such as recycling trailers in Lyon County and private efforts, Curbit collected nearly 1,100 tons of items last year. The city’s commercial recycling program added nearly 1,150 tons last year.

For more information about Curbit, go online to www.emporia-kansas.gov.