The residential organic recycling program started a year ago

EDCO launched its residential organic waste program nearly a year ago. The program allows single-family households to dispose of leftover food in their green bins.

EDCO’s organic recycling program is voluntary for residents but required for California businesses by state law to help reduce the amount of organic waste entering landfills.

Residents may deposit food scraps and food-soiled paper only with yard waste in their green waste containers for recycling. Recycling takes place at EDCO’s anaerobic digestion facility, which opened in March 2021. In the facility, microorganisms are broken down from food and garden waste and converted into natural gas. Natural gas will be used to power EDCO vehicles.

Food waste represents more than 40% of materials in waste streams. Because food waste cannot decompose properly in landfills, it emits large amounts of greenhouse gases. Those planning to collect organic waste can use any reusable container, but EDCO offers a free kitchen cart for home use. Newspapers can be used to keep shopping carts clean and then everything can go straight to the trash.

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City Manager’s Weekly Update – February 18, 2022