The Fiji Times » Program to help Fijian students promote recycling

Waste Recyclers Fiji launched a Recycling on the Go (ROG) program yesterday in partnership with Swire Shipping and Jai Narayan College at the Vodafone Arena parking lot in Suva.

Waste Recyclers Fiji managing director Amitesh Deo said the program would be run by 24 students from Jai Narayan College who would become recycling advocates.

“They will come out and champion recycling best practices within the school system and also beyond,” he said.

Mr. Deo said the idea behind the program was for students to become influencers in how people behaved towards recycling.

“The ownership of the program belongs to the students and they will advocate for other students to start practicing recycling and for there to be behavior change.

“We will provide training and monitoring and evaluation of student ambassadors.”

Mr. Deo said Jai Narayan College would be the first school in the large and robust program.

“We want to learn from this and we will do a full report of this program which we will publish and then roll out from this to other schools.”

Among the 24 student defenders was Khrystall Lucas, 15, a 10th grade student at Jai Narayan College.

Khrystall said recycling is important to her as it will help her raise awareness and help people in her community.

“Often the waste is dumped into the oceans and affects marine life. It is important that I plead on this,” she said.