The city appears to be creating a recycling center, filling the council headquarters

JACKSON, Tenn. — The town of Jackson has met for the month of November.

Among the topics discussed were plans to bring recycling to the city.

The council adopted in first reading a draft budget modification for a solid waste recycling convenience store of more than $65,000.

Mayor Scott Conger says they are still in the planning stages of the center. And the goal is to provide a place for Jacksonians to eventually have access to curbside recycling.

“Working with our residents who want to recycle, working on educational elements. Also apart from that we will be doing public education in schools and community centers to talk about what recycling is so we can better educate people so we can start working towards that end goal or curbside recycling,” Conger said.

District 3 councilor Ernest Brooks has also resigned from his position, with the council now looking for someone to fill the position.

To be considered for the position, you must meet the requirements set by the State of Tennesseeto be a resident of City of Jackson District 3.

You can submit your resume to the mayor’s office at The deadline is November 16, 2022.

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