Recycling Lives will open a new training academy to develop the skills of its employees, the local community and ex-offenders. The Recycling Lives Terry Jackson Academy, named after one of the company’s founders, will offer on-site classes, distance learning, hands-on demonstrations, and virtual reality to onboard new employees, develop andRead More →

Nokian Tires launches a sustainable innovation challenge Nokian launches the innovation challenge Nokian tires offers researchers and developers the opportunity to sell their tire recycling and sustainability ideas to the company’s R&D department. Nokian Tires launches an innovation challenge to recreate the future of driving. the FAST RACE, BIG CHANGERead More →

Living in a college dorm brings newfound independence, freedom, and responsibility, and as young adults in the midst of climate catastrophe, many students feel responsible for the environment and creating more sustainable practices. While not solving climate change alone, individual action plays an important role in demonstrating the value ofRead More →

The Green Party US EcoAction Committee condemns President Biden’s year of climate neglect and renews the call to pressure the President to declare a climate emergency and issue a comprehensive set of related executive orders, as described on Biden and congressional Democrats must also immediately replace the increasingly shrinkingRead More →

The arrival of 2022 has ushered in a new era of food waste recycling by locals and increased sharing of edible food surpluses by some food-related businesses. California Senate Bill (SB) 1383 seeks to reduce dangerous greenhouse gas emissions known to cause global warming and drastic weather by reducing theRead More →

Here they are | (Photo: Edexlive) Many start-ups are taking up the waste management cause yet there is a visionary company that started working on plastic recycling in 1969, long before we even thought plastic was a problem. Called The Shakti Plastic Industries in Mumbai, it is this iconic companyRead More →

A parliamentary panel on Wednesday called on the Environment Ministry to address the problem of lack of human resources in state forestry departments and said it was one of the “very crucial reasons” for the inability to cope with forest fires. The 349th ‘State of India’s Forests’ report, submitted byRead More →

With the recent focus on the COP26 summit and the need to improve sustainability, first year art and design students chose Roker Beach to create their artwork designed to highlight the importance of waste recycling for help fight climate change and increasing plastic levels in our oceans. Lily Howarth, 16,Read More →

Electric Vehicle Battery Recycling Market Batteries were used as a secondary power source with the introduction of the first automobile. PORTLAND, OR, USA, Nov 19, 2021 / – Batteries are used as a secondary power source with the introduction of the first automobile. Electric vehicle battery or traction battery powerRead More →