Students at Applegrove Primary School help run a uniform recycling program

Students Freddy and Katie with examples of recycled uniforms. Photo: Daniel Forsyth.

A UNIFORMS recycling project at a local school is proving popular.

Katie Lockhart, assistant head teacher at Applegrove Primary, the parent council and school eco team revamped the curriculum earlier this year, returning school jumpers, polo shirts, dresses and pants available for reuse.

Ms Lockhart said: ‘We keep the uniforms in boxes – the parent council and janitor maintain them. We would like to include more children in the initiative to ensure greater ownership. There is no charge, but some parents are interested in donating.

Students Katie Greene (8) and Freddy Milton (6) appreciate the need to make full use of clothing.

Katie said: “If we don’t recycle they could be thrown away. If you recycle them, they could be given to someone else!

Freddy added: “If the clothes are in good condition, we can recycle them.”

Last year’s P6/7 class created posters to encourage the use of recycled uniforms.

Applegrove School’s Green Team updates the school’s themes that need attention each year. The results of a school survey formed an action plan for the new term with themes on waste, schoolyards and global citizenship.

“We would like to develop recycling on a larger scale,” Ms Lockhart added. “We will look to develop that as well.”