SSWMB Delegation Visits Green Earth Recycling Plant

KARACHI- A delegation from Sindh Solid Waste Management Board (SSWMB) and UK NGO TearFund visited Green Earth waste recycling plant and MMTraders company in Lahore. SSWMB Operation Executive Director Tariq Nizamani, Deputy Directors Qasim Namai, Abbas Memon, Almas Salim, while TearFund Project Director Sajid Gulzar, Community and Stakeholder Coordinator Junaid Bashir, Courier Coordinator Ashar Loyaal and Engineer Sajjad were present on the occasion, a statement on Monday said. The delegation met with Green Earth Director Babar Aziz Bhatti and Business Development Director Syed Bilal Tirmizi. Tariq Nizamani on the occasion briefed the participants on SSWMB. Members of the delegation were informed that this plant was Tetrapack’s largest recycling plant in Pakistan, where tetrapacks and plastic are recycled to produce benches for parks, eco-friendly furniture for children and other items . During an information session on recycling, he was informed that all the waste that comes in is recycled and nothing is sent to the landfill. Currently, the plant collects and recycles waste from some residential companies, while in the future it will work to collect waste from more companies and raise awareness. The manager of MMTraders said they recycle shopping bags and plastic bags.