Spotlight on recycling in Cambridge’s ‘Little Mermaid’

UNDER THE SEA: Cambridge Primary School pupils during rehearsals for their production of the Disney classic, ‘The Little Mermaid’, which premieres later this month. Photos: PROVIDED

Cambridge Primary School is working on a production of the Disney classic, The Little Mermaid, which is due to premiere later this month.

The show includes 70 children, both on stage and backstage.

“We’ve had success in the past with our Disney productions and it was just a natural progression to do this one,” said show director Tanya Human.

“Plus, it offered the opportunity to be a great recycling project helping us uphold our school’s motto of Non Vobis, not for ourselves.”

A special recycling message was incorporated into the production. Costumes, props and sets were created through recycling projects, led by Foundation Phase staff members.

The school is also running an “Adopt a Penguin” campaign as part of the production.

“Sales from our programs will be used for this campaign. So not only will our viewers experience an underwater spectacle, but they will also support our ‘Save the Ocean’ campaign by supporting us,” Human said.

Nancy Valentine and Stephanie Knoesen take on the roles of musical director and choreographer, respectively.

“Our kids have really embraced the opportunity to perform these iconic songs and are pulling out all the stops for their performances.

“Our music department also worked with the soloists to bring out their full potential,” Valentine said.

Buhlebenkosi Gaula, who plays Sebastian, said, “I learned that it takes everyone to do a play, even the smallest things help, and I love doing the show with my friends and my teachers.

“We have fun times and we also have serious times.

“Yes, there are times when I’m exhausted but I knew what I signed up for.”

Ayazingca Ramncwana, who plays Ursula, said, “Being part of the play is a wonderful experience and I feel like it changed me a lot as a person. Each rehearsal day is always filled with fun and excitement.

“I admit it can be a bit chaotic and exhausting at times, but it’s definitely worth it.

“We feel like family and it’s really amazing to be part of something that’s so good for the school.”

The show runs from September 26-29.

There are two shows on September 26, at 9 a.m. and 11:30 a.m.

Morning shows from September 27 to 29 are at 10 a.m. Other schools in East London have been invited, at R10 a ticket.

Tickets for the evening shows, 27-29, are R30.

Tickets are available online through and through the school.