Sonsoddo’s problem will likely remain a sore spot until a new government is formed

Dec 10 2021 | 06:30 HIST

Sonsoddo’s problem will likely remain a sore spot until a new government is formed

Delay in setting up the treatment stalls of two waste treatment plants of 25 TPD

Team Herald

MARGAO: As the state government has failed to resolve the long-standing issue of legacy waste from Sonsoddo, residents of Margao and Fatorda will have to bear the brunt of the waste dumped at the site for several months until that the next government be formed to get rid of the garbage problem.

A review of the facts and process of setting up two 25 TPD waste treatment plants in Sonsoddo clearly indicates that this mess will continue.

At present, the process of expression of interest for two TPD factories is delayed due to technical issues.

It is relevant to note that on the suggestions of the experts, the municipality of Margao had launched the process of setting up two waste treatment plants of 25 TPD in Sonsoddo, and the civic body had already launched the expression of interest. . In this case, few companies had shown an interest in treating the garbage dumped in Sonsoddo. However, the process was delayed for almost a month due to technical issues.

Speaking to Herald MMC Managing Director Agnelo Fernandes also hinted that it is very difficult to finalize the process of setting up two 25 TPD factories in Sonsoddo.

“Yes, the process was delayed due to technical issues and a few days ago the civic body rectified it. However, it is very difficult to say that the rest of the procedure will be finalized before the code of conduct for the next elections to the Assembly, ”said Fernandes.

The CO further said that experts from Hyderabad were supposed to travel to Goa to guide the establishment of the processing plants in Sonsoddo, but the civic body is still awaiting their arrival.

According to the sources, the meeting was fixed with the experts on November 24, then December 4. However, they missed the date every time. The civic body is reluctant to move forward with the process of setting up factories without the proper guidance from the experts.

It should be noted that the Solid Waste Management Corporation (SWMC) has already started the process of bioremediation of the historic Sonsoddo landfill, but the works have been delayed due to the rains.

The SWMC is now in a race against time to complete bioremediation.

At the moment, the civic organization is also struggling to get rid of the garbage dumped in the old factory of Sonsoddo, for lack of space. The hangar is almost full and the MMC is forced to dump the landfill that is generated daily to the available space, even near the site of the old landfill, where regular fire incidents are reported.

Fernandes said the civic body recently started removing garbage from the shed of a former factory.

“We are working hard to resolve Sonsoddo’s garbage problem,” Fernandes said. However, despite several efforts, it is very clear that there is no possibility of initiating a concrete procedure to accelerate the process of solving the problem of Sonsoddo, in particular before the And therefore, the inhabitants of Curtorim and Raia , besides Margao and Fatorda, must wait for another government to solve the problem.