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Nelsonville – On National Recycling Day, the Athens-Hocking Solid Waste District announced the 2021 Recycling Heroes who have served their communities to recycle more in the region. According to a press release, the district is also urging citizens to take the “Recycling Commitment 2021” to demonstrate their commitment to recycling in the district, and will distribute recycled food bags to recyclers in the region of the two counties. . off sites.

The Athens-Hocking Solid Waste District recognizes organizations, townships and cities that host and support recycling in our community. Enclosed is a list of the “2021 Recycling Heroes” who have made a difference in the neighborhood over the past year.

“We thank each of these heroes, who support, educate and host recycling sites, as well as all the residents who recycle every day,” helps Jane Forrest Redfern, Solid Waste District Coordinator Athens-Hocking. “We salute their dedication to preserving materials, water and energy resources and making the Athens-Hocking Solid Waste District the most beautiful district in all of Ohio. Recycling is so important because materials are so hard to come by now and by recycling we are helping to solve material shortages by providing materials for recycling into new products.

The Solid Waste District is asking residents to make the 2021 Recycling Pledge to reduce, refuse, reuse, repair and recycle as much as they can over the coming year. Citizens only have to visit to make a commitment to continue or to start recycling their materials into new objects that conserve water, energy and resources.

During National Recycling Week, volunteers and drop-off hosts in the two-county area will donate recycled food bags to recyclers to encourage people to use reusable containers (boxes, bins, trash cans or waste bags). food) at drop-off points instead of wasting plastic bags. The feed bags were recycled by members of Athens Rethink Plastics and other community members, and paid for by the Athens-Hocking Solid District Waste District to reduce plastic bags in the flow of recycling.

The mission of the Athens-Hocking Solid Waste District is to ensure the safe disposal of solid waste and recycling in the counties of Athens and Hocking. The Solid Waste District will announce its collection event schedule for 2022 and a new disposal site in January 2022.

2021 Athens – Hocking, recycling hero

Administrators of the Green Township, Hocking County for hosting Site # 1 in Hocking County and District by recycling 200 tons of recycling and cardboard in the past year in Green Township, Hocking County, located at 20995 County Road. 33B.

Township of Lee / Albany for hosting the # 1 site in Athens County with over 138 tonnes of recycling and cardboard at the 2013 Mill Street location at Lee Twp. Building.

Richland Avenue Volunteer Fire Department – Canton of Athens, Athens County for hosting one of the emerging sites recycling a total of 121 tonnes at the Athens Township site at 9255 Hooper Road.

Sponsors of the deposit site for their dedication to providing a safe home to the 21 drop-off sites in Hocking and Athens counties where the public can drop off recycling for free. 1,443 tonnes have been recycled over the past 12 months on these sites alone

• Benton township. – St. Rte. 664 Twc. Build.

• Carbon hill – Twp. Build.

• Gibisonville Community Center

• Hocking Valley Community Hospital

• Young’s Laurelville Family Market – 16005 Main Street.

• Logan – 33845 chemin Sutton.

• Marion Twp. Community Center

• Murray City – Old School Bldg.

• Rockbridge – 26836 Main Street.

• Starr Twp. – St. Rte. 328 Twc. Building

• Amesville – 6 East Main St., Field Engineer Outpost

• Buchtel – Town hall parking lot

• Canton of Canaan – canton garage

• Glouster – 3 Cardaras Drive

• Guysville – US Marathon Station 50

• New Marshfield – Township Building, 8224 Hawk Road

• Shadow community center

• Troy Township – township garage behind GoMart

Athens and Hocking County residents: Individuals, organizations and businesses who have recycled 5,501 tonnes by going to the 21 drop-off sites or curbside at their homes or in Athens or Nelsonville in the past year who have been processed at the Athens Hocking Recycling Center, the local recycling center.

Lions Clubs and Kiwanis Clubs and their partners, which started recycling plastic films and bags by collecting more than 50,000 pounds. bags in the past year and received recycled plastic benches for the community

Athens Rethinking plastics, a district organization, which organized educational programs and recycled animal and bird feed bags to provide reusable bags to library patrons and the community to rethink single-use plastics

Rural action-Zero waste, an organization that began to organize collections of medical equipment to provide an outlet for them and provide them to those in need

The Kilbarger family, who owned and operated the Athens Recovery Center for four decades