Smurfit Kappa acquires packaging company in Latin America

The Circular Valley consortium based in Wuppertal, Germany, says a decision has been made in favor of 15 start-ups that will receive initial support under its Circular Economy Accelerator program.

Claiming that the startups have “prevailed in an area of ​​top international competitors,” Circular Valley says business research and development cooperation will begin virtually or in person from mid-June, depending on restrictions. to COVID-19.

“All the participating startups will be particularly concerned by issues related to the closing of material cycles within the framework of the European Green Deal and the development of economic models for the circular economy“, specifies Circular Valley.

“The 15 startups cover a wide range of topics: from the use of bio-based raw materials and circular solutions in the construction industry, solutions for collecting plastics from rivers, alternative packaging materials, recycling electronic waste, food waste reduction and repair. solutions for household appliances to high-quality textile recycling, ”explains Carsten Gerhardt, president of the Circular Valley Foundation.

The startups are geographically distributed in Europe, Asia and Australia, specifies the foundation.

A new application phase for the second batch of startups invited to participate in the Accelerator program will begin by mid-August. “Once again, the search for start-ups involved in the theme of circular value creation will be launched”, specifies the foundation.

Circular Valley has set itself the goal of developing technologies to address what it calls the ever-growing global problem of over 100 billion tonnes of CO.2 and other broadcasts. Among its objectives are the recycling or reduction or diversion of discarded household production, construction and manufacturing materials.