SCS Engineers Win On-Call Smart Enterprise Recycling Contract by Los Angeles County Public Works

LONG BEACH, California, November 2, 2021 / PRNewswire / – In reply to California legislation imposing a significant reduction in waste at the state level, Los Angeles County awarded SCS Engineers a contract to help manage the county’s most comprehensive and aggressive recycling and waste diversion efforts to date.

“The Smart Business Recycling Program signals that for LA County, recycling and waste diversion are not just buzzwords,” says Michelle leonard, a senior vice president of SCS Engineers. “This goal is also important to SCS as a company, and we are very happy to support LA County with their program.”

California state legislators have passed several bills over the past three decades with the aim of reducing landfill waste. The most recent legislation, California Senate Bill 1383, aims to reduce organic waste to landfill by 75% by 2025.

SCS is a long-time LA County partner, having consulted on its Smart Business Recycling (SBR) program since 2015. This most recent SBR contract intensifies waste analysis, community awareness and education, and provides tools for recycling and waste diversion efforts in LA. The county’s unincorporated communities, which cover a large area.

A 35-year veteran in the waste management industry, Leonard will serve as the senior project manager on the project.

Under the direction of the County Contract Manager, SCS will help:

  • Create materials and events for community awareness and education
  • On-site consultations for businesses, multi-family complexes, large sites and schools to improve waste reduction and recycling
  • Visual waste audits to determine contamination levels and identify opportunities to recover and divert materials, for example, through composting
  • On-site training for food production companies to help them establish, operate and maintain effective food waste reduction, recycling and recovery programs
  • Researching, sourcing and distributing items such as recycling bins, food waste containers, recognition awards and promotional items.

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