School’s recycling and tree veneer projects in Holsworthy have been boosted

THE latest recipients of the Waitrose Give a Little Love campaign are Holsworthy Community College, which focused on the environment.

A check for £ 750 has been presented to Mr Vanstone, Head of Expressive Arts and Physical Education at Holsworthy Community College, on behalf of the school, which will be used for its recycling and tree planting projects.

As part of its environmental goals, the school will use the funding to improve its recycling program.

Mr Vanstone said the funding will allow them to continue to support the student council in running a recycling program and to invest in recycling bins for students to use around the school site.

The school’s environmental tree project will also benefit from this funding. Mr Vanstone said: “We have planted 450 trees around the school site, but the maintenance of these trees (they need spraying and grass / weed maintenance to survive. This area will be used by students as a mental health and wellness support area. ”

Mr Vanstone added: “We will also provide plants for our students to plant in the staff / student areas so that they have a sense of accomplishment in taking care of these and still a place where they can. go to support mental well-being. “

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