Residents struggling with a waste problem at Shakti Khand 4

Ghaziabad: The garbage problem in Indirapuram is widespread and persistent. Residents of Divyansh Pratham Society, Indirapuram are upset because of this constant problem of dumping rubbish near the society. According to residents, the dumping area near the company at Shakti Khand -4 is flooded with rubbish and garbage due to the lack of proper garbage sorting services by the municipal company.

The Shakti Khand -4, Indrapuram is a municipal landfill which is meant to be cleaned and the garbage should be recycled by the concerned authority. However, no government agency seems to pay attention to the issue.

Neighboring societies face serious hygiene problems because of this. The huge amount of waste dumped around the corporations poses health risks to residents.

“The issue has been repeatedly highlighted and complaints have also been filed with government bodies, but no specific action has been taken by government officials,” said Kapil Tyagi, RWA Chairman of Divyansh Pratham Society.

The area that was previously used for dumping garbage in Shakti Khand has expanded significantly over a period of time, causing people to worry about the level of pollution in the area. “When complaints were filed and no action taken, we had to opt for private refuse-lifting services a few times, but that also didn’t bring any noticeable changes to the storyline” , added Tyagi. The people of the society are really worried about the water quality as well as the mosquitoes during the rainy season.

The situation worsens when the rainy season arrives. Accumulated and stagnant water and garbage give rise to a huge mosquito population which increases the threat of diseases such as dengue fever and chikungunya.

People in the area have no choice but to burn garbage, which directly leads to air pollution. With the current air quality levels in NCR Delhi, burning rubbish only makes the scenario worse. The issue of Shakti Khand – 4, Indirapuram is quite unavoidable and immediate actions require immediate attention.

“The problem has been pointed out many times, people have even approached NGT, but the city authorities are not taking this problem seriously. We may have to approach NGT again,” said Mr. Alok Kumar, AOA Federation.

“People dump 210 tonnes of waste every day. Of this number, only 30 tons are biodegradable, which means that 180 tons of waste are piled up here every day. At this rate, it may not take long for Shakti Khand – 4 to turn into 2nd Ghazipur,” says SK Aggarwal, an elderly resident of the society.