Residents of Indirapuram inundated by garbage problem

Ghaziabad: Indrapuram, is inundated with a problem of garbage accumulation. According to residents of the neighborhood, there is an uncontrolled accumulation of garbage in the local municipal landfill.
The garbage sorting and recycling facility is also not carried out by the municipal authority.

Garbage dump in Shakti Khand

The Shakti Khand-4 municipal landfill in Indirapuram has been in use for about seven years. It is noteworthy that the authorities in Ghaziabad are facing problems of garbage disposal in other parts of the city. After the closure of the landfill of the Raj Nagar extension, the authorities are unable to find a replacement. Galand’s dump is also facing a huge protest against it. This is also one of the likely reasons for the sudden increase in the amount of garbage in the Indirapuram landfill.

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Garbage mounds

Such an accumulation of waste in a densely populated area is a real health risk. Air and soil quality are affected because of this. In addition, the site is proving to be a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Avneesh Kumar, AOA President Angel Mercury says, “The continued dumping of garbage in the area has polluted the air and groundwater in the area. Immediate action is required, otherwise this place would also turn into Ghazipur, which is one of the biggest dumping grounds in India. Air pollution is also serious in the region and this landfill plays a major role there. He added: “Indirapuram is considered one of the best places to live in Ghaziabad, but this dump may change that opinion.”

Credit: CitySpidey

Alok Kumar, founder of the AOA federation, said: “The Ghaziabad Development Authority made a commitment to the National Green Tribunal to solve this problem, but it did nothing. We still face the same problems because of the dump. If the authorities do not take any action, it will certainly negatively affect the image of the government and will have consequences in the next elections. “

A GDA employee said on condition of anonymity: “NGT fined the municipal company 1 crore. The NGT asked the municipal company to deal with the excess garbage accumulated, but it was unable to do so in the allotted time. “

Dr Bharti Garg, Founder, Director of the Asmee Foundation, says: “As a foundation, we work on the separation of solid waste and its recycling. We are concerned about the landfill problem at Indirapuram. As a unit, we are trying to make every effort to resolve this issue. She added, “We are also working to educate ordinary people about managing wet waste in their homes. “

Arvind Kumar Chaudhry, Executive Engineer, Ghaziabad Development Authority, said: “Responsibility for garbage management has been assigned to the Ghaziabad Municipal Company. They do the bioremediation of the waste with the help of Geron Engineering. GDA has already donated 2 crore rupees to the company for this project. They assured us that the residents’ problem would be resolved within two months.