Recycling of deposits in Onondaga County is about to change

A recycling collection station in Onondaga County closes, one remains

LIVERPOOL, NY (WSYR-TV) – Onondaga County has two drop-off points for garbage and recycling.

After Saturday June 11, there will only be one.

The Onondaga County Resource Recovery Agency (OCRRA) announced on Friday that the Ley Creek Transfer Station in Liverpool will close after hours on Saturday June 11.

The Ley Creek transfer station has served primarily residential customers for the past two years, but those customers will now have to travel to the Rock Cut Road transfer station in Jamesville.

According to OCRA website, Ley Creek Transfer Station only accepts residential items and Rock Cut Road Transfer Station accepts commercial items. As the only residential drop-off site is closing, the Rock Cut Road Transfer Station will begin accepting commercial items and most residential items.

“Rock Cut Road residential prices will be the same as in Ley Creek, and services will be almost identical,” said Kevin Spillane, executive director of OCRRA. “Residents will still be able to drop off their trash, recycling, construction and demolition materials, appliances, mattresses, tires and leftover food. However, there will be a few items that we cannot bring to the new facility as they fall under the new regulations. »

Items at the Rock Cut Road Transfer Station that cannot be accepted are batteries, fluorescent bulbs, mercury thermometers and mercury thermostats. Residents are encouraged to visit to see recycling options for these items.

The times that customers can use the Rock Cut Road transfer station are also changing as both types of traffic need to be accommodated. Commercial customers will only be able to access the transfer station until 3 p.m. If residential customers arrive early, they will be turned away.

OCRRA says it will continue the planning and assessment process to determine next steps for the Ley Creek Transfer Station once it closes.