Recycling Lives launches training academy

Recycling Lives will open a new training academy to develop the skills of its employees, the local community and ex-offenders.

The Recycling Lives Terry Jackson Academy, named after one of the company’s founders, will offer on-site classes, distance learning, hands-on demonstrations, and virtual reality to onboard new employees, develop and develop existing staff, and support offender rehabilitation.

Staff training will include management development, induction, specific vocational and life skills training courses, and sustainability modules designed to empower participants to cope with climate change both on the workplace and at home.

Internal core programs will provide senior executives and managers with development opportunities, employees and “rising stars” identified as potential future leaders.

He will also introduce and develop ex-offenders working with the company as part of the longstanding engagement with the justice system that is central to the company’s commitment to delivering social value, alongside its work with Recycling Lives Charity.

Virtual reality and audiovisual resources are used to show the different processes and operations employed by the company. The training center includes facilities for remote online training of staff from Recycling Lives’ 18 facilities across the UK. It will also be used by internal candidates accepted into the metal recycling apprenticeship for the ‘off-the-job’ development part of the qualification.

The center will be based at the former Golden Hill recycling site, which is the company’s original site. It will feature remodeled interiors of the existing warehouse, storage and offices.

Staff onboarding and training and development activities begin in March, and activities will expand to provide opportunities for local communities and collaboration with schools and colleges.

Gerry Marshall, Managing Director of Recycling Lives, said: “As the business continues to grow with new investments in resources, it is more important than ever that we also invest in the people we employ and those who join our business, to create a skilled and sustainable workforce that can share in our success.

“We are passionate about helping to raise skill levels in schools and colleges, as well as within the justice system and disadvantaged groups, to help them find meaningful and sustainable employment, which at in turn has a positive socio-economic impact.”

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