Recycling ideas between the lines

MORNINGTON, mother of three, Jane Ting uses literature to change the way young people think about plastics and the environment.

Through his picture book Soft Plastics to Things Fantastic: Zac’s Happy Planet, Ting hopes to help children understand the environmental benefits of recycling plastics and the impact the recycling effort can have.

“I have young children and I realize how important it is for them to know that they can make a difference to protect the planet,” she said.

Ting said his book explains how to recycle soft plastics responsibly.

“In the first year of COVID I watched a David Attenborough and it was a light bulb moment, I wanted to change the way people think about what they’re doing to the planet,” he said. she declared.

“I really wanted to raise awareness and educate children, unfortunately I know from speaking in schools that not many families recycle their soft plastics.”

Ting’s book, the first in a series of picture books about Zac, his family and friends, launched Oct. 18 and is already Amazon’s bestseller in 32 categories.

“It’s exciting that it’s done so well, it shows there are people out there who want to make a change, and it’s so simple to do,” Ting said.

The book centers on Zac and his siblings arriving at their grandparents’ house, just in time to help unpack groceries. As they put away the fresh food and sort the recycling as it comes, Zac discovers that his grandparents are throwing soft plastics in the trash. He then teaches them about recycling and the things that can be made from plastics, and in the process gives them a new perspective on the impact anyone can have on sustainability.

Ting said that while the subject matter was serious, the way the book conveyed the message was more about getting to know Zac’s character and having fun while reading.

“I wanted it to be fun and easy to take in the lessons from the book… It’s so easy for everyone to take their soft plastics to the supermarket and put them in the containers out front.

“The book is a colorful story of how the whole family can come together to change small habits that help protect the future of the planet.”

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First published in the Mornington News – November 1, 2022