qRD receives a letter regarding the waste problem on the island of Savary

Garbage on Savary Island is not the responsibility of the qathet regional district (qRD), administrators said in response to correspondence about it.

At the August 18 committee of the whole, trustees reviewed correspondence from Andrew Johnson, who operates the APJ service, which provides rubbish collection in Lund. He has stated in his correspondence that he has a problem with people driving out of Savary and leaving rubbish with little or no payment.

At the meeting, Electoral Area A director and chairman of the board, Patrick Brabazon, said the regional district has no jurisdiction over the matter.

“It’s a private company operating a service and its problem seems to be with the people of Savary Island,” Brabazon said. “There is no place for us.”

Electoral Area B manager Mark Gisborne said the rise in tourist numbers in the area was a concern, with rubbish being left on docks and Department for Transport rights of way, and some going into the bush .

“I would assume that if garbage is left in regional district parks or regional district properties, we would have some sort of obligation to clean it up,” Gisborne added. “We are seeing additional litter popping up on DOT rights-of-way and along highways as well. Who is responsible for cleaning along the highways? Should this be addressed to the Ministry of Transport?

General Manager Al Radke said it did.

Gisborne said that for Johnson’s correspondence, the regional district cannot get involved.

Electoral Area E Director Andrew Fall said Johnson could best direct his concerns to a group on Savary Island.

“Maybe a community group on Savary can help educate people that just because they pay property taxes and people think they pay enough, they don’t get free services,” said Fall. “It does not work like that.”

Town manager CaroleAnn Leishman said it was “pretty disgusting” that residents of Savary weren’t willing to pay a little to take out their trash.

‘Can we ask the staff to respond to Mr Johnson that because he is a private company there is nothing the regional district can do? asked Leishman. “I would like to have a follow-up for him.”

Brabazon said if he read Johnson’s email correctly, rubbish was left on the quayside in Lund. He said it was the Lund Port Authority’s responsibility to clean it up, just as the regional district would have to clean it up if rubbish was left in any of the regional parks.

The committee voted to receive Johnson’s letter.

In his correspondence, Johnson said he was no longer willing to accept garbage from visitors or residents of Savary until he was compensated for his losses, which he said amounted to more than of $1,500.