Princeton NuEnergy partners with Greenland to recycle lithium-ion batteries

machinery, headquartered in Plessisville, Quebec, with North American offices in North Carolina, helped WB Waste & Recycling upgrade its Capitol Heights, Maryland Olive Street Recycling Facilityadding two Mach Ballistic Separators and the Mach Hyspec Dual Ejection Optical Sorter to eject polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and mixed paper, increasing the overall performance of the facility’s material recycling facility.

The system handles single-stream residential and commercial materials. The Olive Street Materials Recovery Facility won several new contracts to process additional tons of residential single-stream (RSS) materials, so the company needed to improve its recycling capacity to meet these requirements. As a result, it contacted Machinex to modernize the recycling system.

On the container line, a magnet removes ferrous metals (tin cans) and an eddy current removes non-ferrous elements, which are sorted to make a used beverage can of quality aluminum (UBC).

As is the case in many cases, the Machinex The engineering team had to deal with a narrow existing building with a low roof to add several pieces of equipment. The result is a 10 tons per hour (TPH) to 25 TPH increase in sorting capacity.

Dave Taylor, Recycling Manager at WB Waste and Recyclingsays the company experienced six weeks of total shutdown while Machinex upgraded its Capitol Heights plant.

“Working with Machinex, with their customer service, it was amazing how quickly we were able to get this project started and completed,” he says.

Machinex recently partnered with WB Waste & Recycling to help the company take its recycling operations to the next level.