Plastic recycling in West Hartford exceeds targets – We-Ha

The West Hartford Land Trust won two Trex benches through a challenge program, but would like to remind the community of the eligible materials.


The people of West Hartford have shown incredible support for the plastic film recycling program. The West Hartford Land Trust has joined the Trex Community Recycling Challenge, to collect and recycle soft plastic used by Trex to make building materials such as decking. Communities that collect 500 pounds of plastic wrap within six months receive a bench.

The West Hartford Land Trust has now won two Trex benches, far exceeding the targets. Most importantly, we’ve kept over 1,500 pounds of plastic wrap out of the waste stream to date! We are building on this success by keeping flexible plastic films – which cannot be included in our single-stream recycling – out of our landfills and waterways.

Collection bins are located at each of the City Libraries, City Hall and the Public Works Department on Brixton Street. Remember that only acceptable plastic wrap – such as grocery bags, bubble wrap, dry cleaning bags, ice packs and plastic shipping envelopes – can be placed in the collection bins .

See the chart below for items that CANNOT be recycled by Trex and should NOT be placed in bins. As a general rule, packages that are shiny or make a cracking/crunching sound (such as bags of chips, bags of candy, or bags of frozen food) are not accepted by Trex.

If you are interested in participating in this project, please contact Jenny Sagers at [email protected]. It takes no more than an hour a week to help. If you would like to find out more about the West Hartford Land Trust, please contact Dave Sagers at [email protected].

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