Ocala Residents Express Concern Over Trash Issue in Marion County

In response to recent letters to the editor discussing the amount of litter on Marion County roads, a few Ocala residents wrote and shared their thoughts on the subject:

“I contacted Marion County about trash on the sides of the roads and reported that there was even a mattress sitting on the side of the road on 62nd Road across from where the new Publix is ​​being built I informed them of the large amounts of trash along that whole stretch of road from 200 to 60th and 62nd I was told they would write a ticket for it and submit it to the area responsible for rubbish removal on the sides of the roads. It took about a week before the mattress was removed which is ok. What is wrong is that not a point of all the other trash was removed. Some items were right next to the mattress. The county commissioners need to deal with this because the situation is getting worse and nobody is doing anything about it,” says Joseph Alberti, Sr., a resident of Ocala.

“There is always trash between SW 8th Street and 10th in front of the car wash. These are mainly people who buy from Wawa. I think it’s disgusting. Why can’t Marion County put trash cans along the road like most cities? What happened to the cleaning by the people working on the release from prison? You don’t see them anymore. It’s just sad there’s trash everywhere you look in this city,” says Ocala resident Pamela Whitehead.

“You can tell where the homeless are staying by the garbage trail in the woods in my area, and I kindly asked to no avail. So I guess the hard way is coming now and that’s the “tough love” type of reaction they’ll get from me. They steal from any open garages or open sheds, and they will also take any bikes left unattended (even children’s bikes). I know I’ve seen too many stolen bikes in this area over the past year. But let’s get back to the ‘Clean Up Ocala’ campaign: let’s see these idiots get off their backs and stop making Ocala a trash can,” says Ocala resident Ronald Guillory.

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