Neometals commissions its first battery recycling plant

Three years of R&D development, comprising bench and pilot tests, feasibility studies and technical investigations, resulted in the final commercialization of the lithium-ion battery recycling plant as a joint venture with Neometals.

Neometals and its joint venture partner, German engineering mega-company SMS Group, have successfully commissioned its first commercial lithium-ion battery recycling plant in Hilchenbach, Germany, which will begin operations early in the year. next year. Once operational, the plant will see up to 10 tonnes per day of battery-grade metal sulfate chemicals safely recycled into the production of new batteries.

The progeny joint venture Primobius GmbH, 50/50 owned by Neometals and SMS Group, has now commissioned the 10 ton per day commercial shredding plant, allowing it to begin commercial operations in the first quarter of 2022, under subject to Board approvals.

Primobius’ strategy for the success of the plant is to secure market share by focusing on partners and potential customers with direct access to large volumes of production waste and end-of-life raw materials. The company says its flexible business model can deliver a multi-rack, multi-hub factory setup, recycling solutions at scale, where, and when needed.

Pending its federal environmental emissions permit, the company is working to finalize commercial agreements to dispose of batteries to ensure the supply of feed for the operation.

As announced by Neometals, the rapid tracking of business activities is a direct response to the demands of manufacturers of electric vehicles and cells, to the immediate demand for safe disposal services.

Neometals says the recycling plant can be expanded and expanded to include a sustainable hydrometallurgical refinery to recover and reclaim battery-grade metal sulfate chemicals for reuse in the production of new batteries.

The newly commissioned shredding plant will generate revenue from collecting the cost of battery disposal and selling intermediate active materials – the so-called “black mass”.

Primobius also expects its Class 3 engineering cost studies on its largest shredder and hydrometallurgical refinery plants, at 50 tonnes per day, to be completed by the end of January and June respectively.

Neometals CEO Chris Reed said: “First of all I would like to congratulate SMS for delivering this showcase of German engineering, it announces the entry of Primobius into the European battery supply chain. Our solutions for the safe disposal and sustainable recycling of lithium-ion batteries coupled with our flexible business models make Primobius a compelling value proposition for potential customers and a formidable competitor to historical recyclers”.

The Neometals share price has risen steadily in 2021, from a low of $ 0.225 in January to its current price of just over a dollar, or more than 350% for the year. The share price appreciation was in part underpinned by the company’s innovative focus on recycling used lithium-ion batteries, which are hazardous waste and freeing up the valuable materials from which they are made. Neo shareholders are sure to encourage the opening of the new plant next year and hope for an equally stellar year 2022.

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