Neighbors frustrated with garbage problem in Jackson

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — For Jackson’s neighbors, the frustration is growing day by day. They don’t know who will pick up their trash. Many said it was time to make a decision.

Jackson City Council and the mayor are still in court trying to resolve the issue of who has the power to decide which company will collect trash for Jackson.

The owners said the ongoing feuds between the two have diverted their attention from the common goal they all share.

“All the back and forth that the city council has experienced with the mayor. I think the focus has been lost. The focus should be on garbage collection,” Jackson’s neighbor JC Johnson said.

With Jackson currently facing a number of other issues, some believe the city council and citizens should give Richard’s Disposal a chance to serve the city.

“Yeah. I think they would use more time, more energy and more resources to tackle the real issues in the city of Jackson. I think, what’s the deal with giving Richard a chance said Jackson’s neighbor Darcel Odom.

The owners said they were frustrated with the way the situation was being handled.

“Going back to everything that’s going on, it’s really embarrassing. It’s really a shame. It’s the capital of Mississippi,” Johnson said.

The owners also said that taxpayers’ money should be directed to better resources for the city instead of being used to pay court and attorney fees in the ongoing legal battle between the city council and the mayor. .

“I don’t even know who owns the money they use to pay the lawyer. I don’t know if they’re using our money, taxpayers’ money, to pay for their lawyers. If so, I’m also very upset about that,” Odom said.

Jackson City Council and Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba are in circuit court for the second garbage lawsuit.