Nationwide ‘processing issue’ prevents customers from making payments on NYE

Nationwide said the issue was now resolved (Photo: Shutterstock)

Nationwide customers were unable to make any payments or access their funds on New Years Eve due to a “processing issue” resulting in late payments.

The problems started late Thursday night (December 30), according to Downdetector, and by 7:30 a.m. more than 800 customers had reported problems.

More than half of the issues reported were with deposits, 23% with account balances and 23% with money transfers, with issues reported in London, Dublin, Manchester and Birmingham, among other parts of the UK.

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Frustrated customers took to social media to complain about the issue this morning.

Twitter users wrote, “Nationwide’s app is down. This is the second time this has happened in over a week that they have withheld money because their app is rubbish. An absolute joke.

“@AskNationwide when will your services be up and running again, so that I can withdraw all my money and find another bank, as this is becoming a common thing, your services are no longer available and certainly not a level of service on which I am not can’t count anymore. “

“Why is there a delay for my salary to be in my bank?” It is not the labor pay. My Nationwide App left a message saying there are delays. Not good enough. I need this money and I have bills to pay.

“So Nationwide is down again and I am waiting for wages once again. I have bills to pay, this is unacceptable.”

“How is the national bank still down?!?! How do they expect me to waste my money if they keep doing it.”

“Ah, is it still nationwide?” My banking app doesn’t say this, but I haven’t received a child tax credit.

The problem came just a week after the construction company suffered two days of outages on its banking app, which prevented customers from making or receiving payments as Christmas approached.

Nationwide promised customers that it would compensate them for any late payment charges they incurred as a result of the issues.

Has the current problem been resolved?

Nationwide said on Twitter that the issue was resolved this morning and customers can now expect payments to be processed normally.

The mortgage lender explained that the problem was caused by an “delay with some incoming payments overnight,” which meant that incoming credits to accounts, direct debits and standing orders were not being processed.

Customers who are still having problems are encouraged to visit their nearest Nationwide branch or contact the bank on 0800 302 011.

A Nationwide Building Society spokesperson said, “There was a delay in receiving certain types of payments into their accounts overnight.

“The problem was quickly resolved this morning and the payments are being processed.

“The delay has impacted payments such as scheduled credits to accounts, standing orders and direct debits. We apologize for the inconvenience.

“Any member who needs our support as a result of this issue can visit us in branch, contact us on 0800 302 011 or via Twitter (@AskNatiownide).”