Nassau and SPCA issue warning after recent coyote sightings

There is a new warning for Nassau County following recent coyote sightings.

The city and SPCA of Nassau say there have been recent sightings of coyotes at the Shu Swamp Nature Preserve in Lattingtown and other North Shore communities this week.

Oyster Bay Town Supervisor Joseph Saladino, Councilwoman Michele Johnson and Nassau County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Chairman of the Board Gary Rogers gave advice on safety and behavior to residents.

Molli Michalik, a student at Roslyn University, says she encountered a coyote in August.

“I was waiting at the light on Shelter Rock Road, and I saw what looked like a huge dog and realized it wasn’t a dog, it was a coyote,” Michalik said. “It was gigantic, it was tall, and it just crossed the street and disappeared into the trees.”

Experts say don’t allow coyotes to approach people or pets. If you see a coyote acting threatening, call 911.

Some safety tips include don’t feed coyotes, don’t feed pets outdoors, eliminate the availability of birdseed, ensure garbage is inaccessible to wildlife, and learn children to enjoy wildlife from a distance to avoid the risk of injury.

Experts say that under normal circumstances, coyotes are not aggressive.