Mottainai Recycling Ltd Press Release Regarding Recently Concluded Public Sector Participants (PSP) Verification Exercise in Oyo State | The Guardian Nigeria News

Mottainai Recycling Ltd has worked with the Oyo State Waste Management Authority (OYOWMA) to verify the Private Sector Participants (PSPs) that have operated in Oyo State and any new businesses that have applied to work in the waste management sector in Oyo State.

So far, 123 waste collectors, who have shown they have a certain level of capability, have been verified and are now known as Mottainai Accredited Franchisees (MAF). In total, these waste collectors have 21 compactors, 3 roll-on trucks, 175 open trucks and no (zero) dump trucks.

On the other hand, Oyo State has 8 compactors.

As can be seen, this operational capacity falls far short of what is needed to keep the state clean. According to our estimate, each of the 350 wards in Oyo State needs a compactor for a super efficient waste management system. Therefore, upon verification, it is very clear that the biggest waste management problem in Oyo State is operational incapacity.

This is where Mottainai Recycling Ltd comes in. We already have 12 rollers, or about 40% of Oyo State’s total capacity, in our fleet. Additionally, we have a dump truck and a working floor trailer.

But we don’t stop here. In collaboration with the Oyo State Government, we plan to equip Mottainai Accredited Franchisees (MAF) with operational trucks. We are confident that with the right tools, new and existing MAFs will achieve greater efficiency.

Meanwhile, all former PSPs, now MAFs, have been mandated to clean up Oyo State. Some of them were assigned to return to their old slots, while others were given new slots. But, as indicated above, this operational capacity is not enough. That’s why when people call us, they experience a 3-7 day wait before their waste is picked up.

In the coming weeks, we hope to reduce and finally eliminate these waiting times through the implementation of a more efficient waste management system in Oyo State.

Let us also take this opportunity to mention that with the new system in place, residents and commercial waste creators/generators in Oyo State are not permitted to make cash payments to a MAF. All payments are made by bank transfer, point of sale (POS) or direct deposit in the banking hall. In addition, all old residential pickup rates will be maintained without any increase.

In conclusion, as Oyo State’s waste management consultant, Mottainai Recycling Ltd remains committed to maintaining a clean environment. Verification and accreditation of waste collectors in Oyo State is an ongoing process. Any company with the necessary capacity is free to contact Mottainai Recycling Ltd or OYOWMA to request verification and accreditation. In addition, all complaints and waste disposal requests should be directed through our call center. Please call 0700 080 0700 or WhatsApp 08181900004.


Adey Adewuyi

CEO, Mottainai Recycling Ltd