Mark First and Pre-School Academy students learn about recycling

STUDENTS at Mark First & Pre-School CE Academy this week learned the importance of recycling in assemblies and workshops.

The school, part of the Wessex Learning Trust, has hosted the Carymoor Environmental Trust to organize events for Stage One and Stage Two learners.

After a whole school assembly, the younger children were virtually joined by Wigglebert Worm to learn about composting, while the older school children took part in a virtual workshop called Fantastic Plastic.

Ms Joanna Collyer, Head of School, said: “All the children really enjoyed the morning.

“They showed that they already knew a lot about recycling and also developed their understanding to help the environment and reduce the amount of waste we throw away.”

WORKSHOPS: Sessions were provided by Carymoor Environmental Trust

After learning about composting with Wigglebert Worm, Stage One key learner Jemima said, “I enjoyed learning about recycling and Wigglebert Worm.”

Noah added: “I really liked sorting out the image of recycling”.

The students involved in the Fantastic Plastic workshop learned the importance of putting the right recycling into different bins and containers.

Student Lilly said: “We learned about the blue bag, which we will put plastic and metals in.”

Eve explained: “In the workshop, we played a game where we had to match different types of materials and find those that were reusable.”

Mark First & Pre-School CE Academy is located in The Causeway, Mark, near Highbridge.

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