Lafayette government selects new waste and recycling supplier

A local company has been selected to become the new waste and recycling supplier for the city of Lafayette and unincorporated areas of the parish.

Five waste management service providers submitted proposals earlier this year to replace Republic Services. For the first time in 15 years, Lafayette Consolidated Government used this public bidding process to choose a new waste management service provider – Acadiana Waste Services (AWS).

What can residents of the city and unincorporated parishes expect?

The key changes customers will see under the new contract are:

  • Recycling carts must be requested
  • Recycling and waste carts will be two different colors
  • Large items will be collected weekly instead of once a month
  • Tires will be collected curbside on high volume days

Monthly cost for city residents: $28.68 per month

Monthly cost for residents of unincorporated parishes: $29.67 per month

What will be required of Acadiana’s waste management services?

According to the contractual information provided by LCG, these are the terms that AWS is required to follow:

  • All new trucks will be provided by AWS to do the work in Lafayette.
  • There will be extended penalties if service or operation is poor, including road leaks.
  • AWS will also help keep streets litter-free during Mardi Gras parades by providing at least 750 trash carts for collection during the festivities.
  • AWS will operate a future solid waste drop-off facility.

About Acadiana Waste Services, LLC

AWS was founded in 2012 and is a locally owned and operated full-service solid waste management company that provides residential, commercial solid waste collection and salvage services. AWS has grown to serve over 2,500 commercial containers and over 15,600 residences. Their service area includes seven parishes in the Acadiana area, Alexandria area, and Beaumont, Texas area.

Ian Auzenne/KPEL

Ian Auzenne/KPEL

What is the next step in the process?

A joint order will be presented at an upcoming city and parish council meeting to authorize Mayor-President Josh Guillory to sign the contract with AWS. In LCG’s press release announcement, board members Pat Lewis and Bryan Tabor were recognized for their participation on the RFP Ratings Committee.

For those wishing to review the documents related to the RFP, please visit

BC Action News via YouTube

BC Action News via YouTube

Republic Services will continue to provide waste collection services until their contract term is recalled on October 31, 2023.

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