Keighley waste recycling facility project denied

CONTROVERSIAL plans for a waste recycling facility in Keighley have been turned down.

Permission was sought for eight units on the former vacant Devonshire Mill site in West Lane.

The larger unit would be used to sort waste from dumpsters, much of which would then be recycled.

And the remaining units would be used for storage.

But Bradford Council turned down the project, saying the planning application – submitted by Iftikar Hussain – lacked crucial information needed by local authority planners to make a decision on such a ‘significant’ development.

More than 200 people opposed the proposals.

Residents living nearby said the development would reduce the value of their homes; lead to dust, noise and odors, and aggravate existing traffic congestion in the area.

One opponent said: ‘The development is not suitable for this area. The site is more suitable for residential use.’

However, there were also 48 letters of support for the program, many of which highlighted the job creation the company would bring.

The claimant said the site would be used to sort builders’ waste from dumpsters.

Fifteen dumpsters would be brought to the facility each day and the waste sorted by material.

Twenty jobs would be created.

He said there were no similar sorting facilities in the area and the company would avoid having to transport waste to Halifax or Bradford for sorting.

Council environmental health officers raised concerns about the proximity of the site to homes.

A council spokesperson said: “The proposed development is close to residential properties and there is a risk of noise, odor and smoke issues, as well as dust and light pollution. There is no information in the application regarding noise levels – and therefore the impact on residents cannot be assessed.

“The proposal provides insufficient information regarding the potential harms arising from it.”

Officers added that there was “inadequate information on surface water drainage and assessment of waste management use”.

Devonshire Mill was used for worsted weaving in the textile industry.

Prior to its demolition over 15 years ago, the factory was occupied by Bolivar Stamp Ltd for the manufacture of pipes and pipe fittings.

The site became vacant when the company moved, and has been decommissioned ever since.

Over the years various plans have been proposed for housing on the grounds, but none have come to fruition.