kalamassery: Garbage issue sparks protest in Kalamassery | Kochi News

Kochi: A dispute over transporting waste from the landfill sparked heated arguments between opposition councilors and the Kalamassery Municipality Secretary on Wednesday morning.
The arguments centered on the delay in filing a police complaint against those who tried to move electronic and other waste from street vending carts, which were seized by the local body. “The local body authorities had kept the waste from the carts in its landfill. Four days ago, a vehicle transporting the waste from the carts was caught red-handed by the elected officials. The vehicle was then taken to the landfill. But the secretary of the local body refused to file a complaint with the police,” Councilor Bindu Manoharan said.
Opposition councilors began demonstrating in front of the municipal secretariat at 10:30 a.m. “The demonstration continued until 1 p.m., when he lodged a complaint with the police. But no one was involved in the complaint,” Manoharan said.
The Municipality of Kalamassery had faced the wrath of the National Green Court for mishandling waste in its yard. The local body then contracted Clean Kerala Company to sort the plastic waste in the yard and remove it from there.
The waste dump also witnessed a major fire in January this year.