JBA and USAID Sign Memorandum of Understanding on Recycling Project | Company

Ammon News – The Jordanian Businessmen’s Association (JBA) signed a memorandum of understanding with representatives of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) through Chemonics International, which is implementing a recycling project in Jordan.

In a statement released on Saturday, the JBA said the project encourages the private sector and Jordanian companies to use recycling and to network JBA members with companies operating in the recycling industry.

The project, which is implemented under the joint supervision of the Ministry of Environment and the Greater Amman Municipality (GAM), aims to increase trade competitiveness by strengthening business relations and improving the business-enabling environment, by transforming the network of recycling services into a competitive sector that contributes to the sustainable management of solid waste in the Kingdom.

JBA member Michel Nazzal, who signed the MoU, affirmed JBA’s support for all efforts to preserve the environment through this important waste recycling project, which represents multiple sectors that would contribute “significantly” to supporting these efforts, represented by the hotel, heavy and light industries, and healthcare sectors.

Nazzal also highlighted the importance of the action mechanism of the project, based on the achievement of mutual business interests, which aims to serve companies and companies operating in the sector of recycling services, which increases the incentive for all partners to push the success of this national enterprise.

Meanwhile, project manager Maher Hamdan said the company aims to protect the environment, public health and conserve natural resources through an integrated waste management system, aiming to increase waste operations. recycling and separating recyclable organic materials, in addition to stimulating the recycling process and focusing on raising awareness at the societal level.

The project, Hamdan added, aims to support and stimulate waste recycling and reuse in the business sector, adding that it has started to bear fruit for a number of successful projects for large retail companies. detail.

The agreement also aims to sensitize the Jordanian business sector to participate in the project, as well as the citizen, by organizing workshops with JBA members, Hamdan pointed out.