India Today Magazine Issue – Dated December 6, 2021

State of States

Most Improved Large State in Governance: West Bengal

The digitization of grassroots services and award-winning social protection schemes have changed the face of governance in the state

Highest Performing Large State Overall: Tamil Nadu

A strong foundation and inclusive growth helped Tamil Nadu survive the pandemic and stay on its development trajectory

Best performing small state overall: Pondicherry

The former French colony retains its cosmopolitanism and expects nothing less than the best in governance

Most Improved Large State Overall: Bihar

Focus on rural women and the economy has helped the state reap rich benefits

Most Improved Small State Overall: Manipur

Relative peace in the state has resulted in economic gains and progress

The best performing state in economy: Telangana

Telangana has not let the Covid crisis mar its growth trajectory. It now contributes 5% of the country’s GDP

The best performing large state in the areas of infrastructure, agriculture and cleanliness: Punjab

Punjab’s outstanding performance in agriculture has led to similar achievements in infrastructure and other areas

Top performing major state in health, environment and tourism: Kerala

Kerala’s world-class health infrastructure and environmental focus hold it in good stead

Top performing state in education: Himachal Pradesh

Himachal has allocated 16% of its budget to education to ensure that quality education reaches the most remote corners of the state

The best performing state in terms of public order: Gujarat

Gujarat has used technology, legislation and best practices to fight crime

Most improved state of cleanliness: Assam

Despite infrastructure problems due to recurrent flooding, the state provided toilets for all households

Most Improved Grand State in Environment: Chhattisgarh

Chhattisgarh is making great strides in combating air and water pollution, managing solid waste and preserving its forest cover

Most Improved Great State in Tourism: Punjab

Punjab eagerly awaits visitation of foreign and domestic tourists to end lean phase of pandemic

Most Improved Large State in Public Order and Entrepreneurship: Uttar Pradesh

The government’s zero tolerance for crime not only reduced cases, but also helped create a favorable environment for investment.

Greatest state most improved in law and order: Karnataka

Police controlled heinous offenses and maintained a friendly image

Most Improved Grand Health: Himachal Pradesh

Hill State did not let hardship on the ground hinder its Covid treatment strategy and vaccination campaign

Most Improved Large State in Agriculture: Madhya Pradesh

Beyond agricultural production, MP adopts modern techniques to increase agricultural income and bring the mandi closer to producers

Most Improved Large State in Infrastructure: Jharkhand

The State is investing heavily in road and rail infrastructure and to make its cities more livable

Most improved major state in terms of economy, education and inclusive development: Bihar

Bihar kept the focus on social development intact while pursuing its economic goals

Smallest state most improved in cleanliness: Pondicherry

All households in Pondicherry having access to drinking water as part of the Jal Jeevan mission of the Center, UT is now working to improve sanitation.

Smallest state most improved in terms of public order and environment: Sikkim

Sikkim is working not only to eradicate crime, but also to guard against climate change

Most Improved Small State in Agriculture: Manipur

After winning the Krishi Karman Prize last year, Manipur is working towards self-sufficient agriculture through dual cultivation

Most improved small state in terms of infrastructure and governance: Arunachal Pradesh

A central push for development has been of immense benefit to the border state

Most improved small state in terms of economy, entrepreneurship and health: Mizoram

A healthy growth rate of the GSDP, funds for infrastructure projects and an improving health system are fueling the upward trajectory of Mizoram.

Most Improved Small State in Education, Inclusive Development and Tourism: Meghalaya

In Meghalaya, education and employment opportunities for the state’s youth are the top priority

States, large and small, the best performers on the happiness index: Kerala and Goa

Happiness Index, new category in 2021 survey, sees Kerala and Goa score high on key metrics to determine winners

Best-performing small state in entrepreneurship: Delhi

The development of a supportive ecosystem has led to the creation of a plethora of startups in the nation’s capital

Smallest state with the highest performance in terms of inclusive development and environment: Mizoram

Mizoram has retained its place as a leader in inclusive development and has taken the lead in the environment

The best performing small state in terms of governance: Manipur

The state’s effort to increase both the coverage and the efficiency of government service delivery puts it ahead of the pack

Smallest state with the highest performance in terms of public order: Nagaland

Nagaland’s continued excellence in law enforcement has resulted in the lowest crime rate in the country

Best performing smallest state in health: Pondicherry

The state’s long-standing focus on healthcare has helped it maintain the top spot in this category

The best performing small state in economy: Sikkim

In 2021, Sikkim’s economy took first place among small Indian states

Top performing smallest state in infrastructure, education, tourism and sanitation: Goa

The constant development of Goa’s infrastructure has resulted in major payoffs, resulting in high scores on a number of indices ranging from education to cleanliness.

The best performing small state in agriculture: Tripura

Pressure from the state government for self-sufficiency in food production has led to remarkable agricultural productivity and global exports

Best performing major state in governance: Rajasthan

Strong panchayati raj institutions and a focus on women’s empowerment are game-changers for the desert state

Most successful large state in inclusive development: Andhra Pradesh

Under Jagan Reddy, well-being measures covering all disadvantaged groups in society are the top priority

Most successful large state in entrepreneurship: Haryana

The Covid crisis has hit its booming industries hard, but the state has risen to the challenge admirably