How To Fix “Unfortunately Messenger Has Stopped” Problem On Android

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Check out how to fix “Unfortunately Messenger has stopped” problem on Android

Sending and receiving text messages on Facebook just got easier with the help of Facebook Messenger app for Android and iOS. However, when you are chatting with someone, you may see this error: “Unfortunately, Messenger has stopped. So in this article we have discussed all the Messenger issues on how to fix them permanently. The Facebook website was launched to the public in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. Since then, Facebook has connected with over 2 billion people around the world. During all these years, Facebook has undergone many changes.

Reasons for the message “Unfortunately, Messenger has stopped the message”

Well, there are no exact reasons for the appearance of this message, but we recommend a few possible reasons for this message to appear.

  • The first and foremost reason is that there may be a lot of messages, videos, photos, and other junk stored in your messaging app.
  • Another reason is that there may be junk files. If you do not clean your phone for a long time, a lot of junk files may be stored on your device. This is why Facebook displays an error message. Hence, clean junk files once a week or once a month with the built-in security software.

Besides all this, there are other reasons that can cause this error message. If you are having the same problem, you cannot properly use your Facebook app. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the solutions below.

Solutions to fix the error message Unfortunately, Messenger has stopped

If your FB messaging keeps stopping on your Android, feel free to check out the solutions mentioned in this article.

Turn off and restart your phone

If you don’t turn off your device for a long time, then you have to do it because sometimes the problem arises if you don’t turn off your phone for a longer period of time.

Turn off your device and then turn it back on after a few minutes and check if the problem is resolved or not. If not, we suggest you restart your device and try it again.

Clear Messenger app cache and data

This is another solution to fix this problem. Maybe a lot of junk files stored in your application; clean up application garbage. Let’s take a look at the steps below:

  • Open Settings and search for “Installed apps”.
  • Now search for “Messenger App” in the list of all app tabs.
  • Click on the messaging app, then tap “Clear cache and clear data.”
  • Go back to the home screen and “Restart your phone”.

Uninstall and reinstall the Messenger app

If the above solutions don’t work for you, try our other solutions to resolve this issue. Just install the latest version of the Facebook messaging app and check if it works or not. But uninstalling the app will delete all your data like photos, videos, GIFs, etc. To uninstall the app, follow the steps below:

  • Open the settings and click on “Install applications”.
  • In all applications, find the tab “Messenger Application”
  • Tap on the mail app, then click “Uninstall

Final Words: How To Fix “Unfortunately, Messenger Has Stopped” Problem On Android

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