Highland County Recycling Program Updates

By Tara Campbell
Deputy director
Highland County Community Action Organization, Inc.

The Highland County Community Action Organization (HCCAO), together with the Highland County Commissioners and the RPHF Solid Waste District, manages, operates and monitors the county’s waste control and recycling program. HCCAO is in its fourth year of running the program and wants to share some exciting updates with the community.

Whitney Bradley joined HCCAO’s recycling team in 2021. She currently oversees education and community outreach for the program.

There are currently eight bin sites throughout the county for the public to drop off their recyclables. The most recent addition was to the Rocky Fork area, where two bins were added at the entrance to the Rocky Fork Lake State Park campgrounds.

The bins are located at the campground exit, 9800 North Shore Drive. As with all county ferries, they are free for area residents and visitors. As a reminder, the recyclable elements are glass bottles and jars, plastic bottles and jugs, paper and cardboard. Be sure to divide the boxes to save space in the bin.

Also, items that SHOULD NOT be put in the bins: Furniture, ceramics, garden hoses, construction debris, paint, plastic bags, food or electronic waste. In the past, trash sites have had to be closed due to misuse and illegal dumping, so all residents are asked to use trash cans responsibly, and if you see dumps or illegal materials on the floor, you report it to the HCCAO as soon as possible. .

The RPHF Solid Waste District and Highland County Community Action continue to partner to host a poster board contest open to all 5th graders in Highland County. It was a tough year to get into schools, but Bradley was able to visit the majority. The area’s wonderful teachers and amazing students are all too eager to learn more about the different ways they can help their community become cleaner and safer for everyone. The deadline for entries is January 29, 2022.

A winner will be chosen at a meeting of the RPHF Solid Waste District, and the winner’s drawing will be put on a poster board, along with their photo published in the newspaper. The winner will also receive a trophy, a $25 gift card and a $25 gift card for the winner’s teacher to use in class.

Residents of Highland County have the “Highland County Litter Library” at their disposal. What is your request? The Trash Library is a resource for groups, organizations, businesses, schools, etc. that can be accessed and used to clean up public areas in Highland County.

If your group is interested in public cleaning, contact Bradley at the HCCAO and request a bag containing all the materials needed for cleaning roadsides and public spaces. It comes with gloves, trash bags, sharps containers, vests, and trash grabbers that can be used to collect loose trash. The benefit of enjoying such a wonderful resource is that it helps keep Highland County safe and clean for its residents, visitors, and wildlife! The Trash Library is free to clean roads, streams, parks and more and can be viewed from HCCAO.

Looking to the future, HCCAO is eagerly planning future projects and events. Earth Day is approaching on April 22. Community groups and organizations are encouraged to come and view a trash cleanup bag and select an area of ​​the county to pick up trash. For more information about the trash library, recycling bin locations, recyclable materials, or any future recycling events, please contact Bradley at (937) 393-3458, recycle@hccao.org, on our site(s). Web at HCCAO.org/recycle, RPHFsolidwastedistrict.com, or on Facebook at the Highland County Recycling and Litter Program.