Has Greenville County stopped recycling household batteries?

Question: Has Greenville County stopped recycling used household batteries? I know they don’t take them at the Blackberry Valley Convenience Center anymore. I used to recycle them there.

Responnse: Greenville County accepts lead-acid batteries, such as car batteries, boat batteries and motorcycle batteries, Greenville County spokesperson Bob Mihalic said.

The county landfill does not accept Ni-Cad batteries, a type of rechargeable battery like some private sector companies do, for recycling, he said.

A reader wants to know if recycling centers in Greenville County have stopped accepting household batteries.

The county’s website lists Radio Shack, Circuit City, Walmart, Black & Decker as Ni-Cad recycling sites, but some of those stores no longer have physical stores in the upstate.

The State Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) said through its website that rechargeable batteries can be recycled at retailers participating in Call2Recycle.

The program, free to residents, accepts all rechargeable dry cells weighing up to 11 pounds, including nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd), nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH), nickel-zinc (Ni -ZN) and lithium-ion (Li-ion batteries) as well as small lead-acid batteries, the website said.

Certain Lowe’s, Best Buy and Home Depot stores participate in the Call2Recycle program. Some Battery Plus stores also recycle rechargeable batteries, says the DHEC website.

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