‘Gaushalas’ face survival problem: The Tribune India

The condition of the gaushalas in the towns of Haryana is getting worse day by day, with a sudden rise in fodder prices. Additionally, due to the Covid scare, donations have also dropped, which is essential to keep the gaushalas running. This will lead to the closure of some of these gaushalas across the state and the cows will be on the roads.

Sameer Pruthi, Sirsa

‘Swashhata Abhiyan’ a distant dream

The Tohana City Council seems to have done little when it comes to cleanliness. The city is strewn with garbage in many areas. To add to the residents’ woes, stray cattle, dogs and pigs feed on harmful waste. Civic conditions are worsening day by day. The government should take cognizance of the situation and take action under the “Swachh Bharat and Swachh Haryana” programs.

Virender Tehri, Tohana

Road resurfacing must be planned

Due to repeated re-carpeting without proper road scraping, the road level has been raised above the houses built 20 years ago in Panchkula. The threat of rainwater entering homes still looms here. The city level was disrupted without planning. Half of the rainwater drains on the roads have disappeared. The paths are full of obstacles, forcing people to walk on the roads. No one among the authorities takes the responsibility to look into the matter.

Ashok Kumar Goel, Panchkula

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