Garbage piles up in Bhubaneswar; Daruthenga landfill issue remains unresolved

Bhubaneswar, August 23: Dumped piles of rubbish in many localities, dirty and uncleaned roadsides present a sad sight of Bhubaneswar smart city.

The Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) has completely failed to provide a clean and hygienic city atmosphere to the residents despite spending crores of rupees on this purpose year after year.

Garbage dumped on the parking road of the station, near the premises of the capital hospital and on the side of the national road near the square of the fire station create unsanitary conditions in the city.

The situation is very similar in Dumduma, Chandrasekahrpur, Niladri Vihar and Sailashree Vihar areas of the city.

Garbage collection has been strongly affected following the Daruthenga landfill conflict.

Residents banned garbage trucks from entering the Daruthenga landfill after a lorry loaded with rubbish hit a village youth earlier this month.

The BMC dumped 100 pieces of garbage per truck in the Daruthenga landfill. But, after the accident, trucks dump waste at the temporary transit center (TTC) near the Sainik school.

Due to excessive dumping of waste at the TTC beyond its boundary, its surrounding wall adjoining the Sainik School collapsed. However, BMC has not yet made a decision to fix the problem.