Garbage dumping is a tough problem, according to Meghalaya CM

Shillong: Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma has described the garbage dumping issue as complicated which has forced the government to take a tough stance.

Sangma’s reaction comes at a time when the Jowai administration has faced a daunting challenge in disposing of trash in identified landfills.

Sangma explained that wherever the government identifies a dumping ground for garbage, there is resentment from local residents. “The situation is such that the government is now forced to take a strong stance,” Sangma said.

He said a meeting has been held between the Deputy Chief Minister and the Department of Urban Affairs to discuss the matter and the decision will be made public in a day or two.

sangma said that a solution to waste problems cannot be found instantly.

He also cited the example of how Tura in Garo Hills linked up with a South Korean company where the waste disposal system of converting waste into energy blocks works very well. “The government spent nothing; everything was done by the company,” Sangma said.

When asked if people or traditional leaders should be held accountable, Sangma said this may be something they can consider as a long-term solution.

“Yes, some laws can be made keeping in mind the traditional laws and land rights that exist. Balancing all of those aspects, how we could come up with a balanced law, empowering people… that can definitely be explored,” Sangma added.

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