GAMRUPA launches a new plastic recycling project in Siffoe

Partners also distributed furniture and uniforms to schools and presented certificates to staff at Hope Center Nursery School in Siffoe who participated in the Jolly Phonics training.

The Siffoe Community Plastic Recycling Project is the brainchild of Jeunes sans frontières (YPWB), which built the first plastic and bottle house in The Gambia in 2012. The one room house is now used as the organization’s resource center. .

Lamin Camara, president of the Gambia Rural Poor Association (GAMRUPA), said they are concerned about environmental sanitation, saying the plastic recycling project will start early next year with community sensitization on the issue. importance of recycling and its positive impact on the environment.

Kalifa Kanteh, president of Jeunes sans frontières (YPWB) praised the project, saying the project would make the most of plastic waste by recycling it into useful materials and tackling environmental risks.

Kanteh thanked Gambia Rural Poor Association (GAMRUPA) Europe and Een Hart Voor Siffoe who provide immense support to Gambian schools and health facilities.

Henk and Anthonela, representative of GAMRUPA Europe stressed the importance of the project, saying that in addition to keeping the environment clean, they also expect it to provide an opportunity for engagement for the young people of Siffoe.

Hope Center Nursery School principal Alagie Manding Camara congratulated Een Hart Voor Siffoe for funding Jolly Phonics training for school staff.

Amadou Tambedou, Education Officer in Region Two Education Office, thanked Gambia Rural Poor Association (GAMRUPA), Een Hart Voor Siffoe and Young People Without Borders (YPWB) for their efforts in supporting schools and for having proposed the plastic recycling project.