Flooding in British Columbia Impacts Glass Recycling Collections in the Lower Mainland

Vancouver –

Flooding in southern British Columbia has resulted in extensive disruption for residents, from closed roads to gas shortages that have forced rationing, and a provincial recycling company says conditions have also limited its ability to pick up gas. articles.

Residents of the Lower Mainland may have noticed that, as of Monday, glass recycling and foam packaging are not being picked up from sidewalks or in multi-unit buildings.

Recycle BC, the nonprofit responsible for recycling residential packaging and paper in the province, says the change is temporary and is due to recent flooding.

“With transport corridors compromised due to road closures and our main glass end-market closed due to flooding, we cannot move glass from receiving facilities to our glass end-markets,” states a notice on the company site.

“In addition, the floods affected the availability of trucks for transporting materials, further compounding these challenges. “

Residents are asked to keep their glass and foam packaging “if possible” and to drop it off or drop it off once collection has been resumed. Paper, cardboard containers and flexible plastics are still accepted, as they can be stored in Recycle BC’s facilities “in a more compact manner”.

“Responsible handling of materials continues to be a priority for us. We will work with all partners to ensure that we are handling all materials as efficiently as possible during this emergency,” the Recycle BC advisory states.

“The situation is changing rapidly, so we don’t yet know how long this change will be necessary. We will provide updates as soon as we have more information.”