Fears new recycling center fees could lead to more spills on the fly

Angry readers have criticized Denbighshire County Council’s decision to introduce charges at their recycling centres.

It comes after the authority announced it would charge for certain household waste at recycling centers in Ruthin, Denbigh and Rhyl.

The charges follow contractor Bryson Recycling taking over management of the three sites in April. Bryson already operates sites in Conwy.

The loads mainly concern DIY-type waste, such as earth, rubble, plasterboard, wood and carpentry, asbestos, tires and gas cylinders. But Denbighshire has yet to reveal an exact list of what will be charged.

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One reader wrote: “Absolutely shameful. There will be more tips. How ridiculous is that? Why do we pay council tax?

Another said: “Higher council tax, but get less for it. It’s still greed, and there’s so much rubbish dumped like that. Just look around the depot of recycling between Abergele and Towyn where people dumped stuff on Gors Road after finding out they would have to pay so they take it home and dump it on the way.

Another angry reader typed: ‘It will probably cost the council a fortune to weed out the fly dumps when they bring the charges.’

Another typed: “There will be more spills and more burns. And it will be the council that will end up doing the cleanup. They should do ALL IN THEIR POWER to encourage the public to drop things off at recycling centers for FREE … We have no chance of keeping this country in order I feel a sense of utter despair when people in positions of authority hatch these stupid plans.

Another questioned the motive for introducing the charges: “Disgusting and greedy. Why are we really paying our exorbitant council tax, when more and more services are being charged?”

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One reader added: “Obviously council tax will go up again this year, as will councilor salaries and expenses. The only thing that won’t go up will be the level of services.”

But another reader sympathized with the council: ‘If people thought about their waste before they gave dumps, maybe the council wouldn’t have to keep levying charges.’

Earlier this week, Cllr Paul Pennlington called the accusations shocking.

“I personally think it’s shocking that they charge residents to dispose of their recycling from their own homes,” he said.

“This is just another example of Denbighshire County Council becoming more corporate and adding costs to residents that they shouldn’t have to pay as these things are already covered by council tax .”

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