Doha College collaborates with EPR for an on-site recycling center

Doha College, one of Qatar’s oldest international schools and the first to achieve green flag status from the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) six years ago, has taken another green step by opening a center on-site recycling.

Starting this month, students and staff at Doha College can recycle paper, cardboard, wood, metal, glass, plastic and batteries, thanks to their new partnership with Elite Paper Recycling (EPR ).

A subsidiary of Elite Waste Recycling, EPR can recycle all types of waste paper and provides waste collection and recycling, among many other environmental services.
ERP Director of Public Relations Maryam al-Sayed expressed her delight at the new development: “I would like to express our gratitude for the efforts of Doha College, especially the Eco-Schools team, to preserve the environment and instil these values ​​in students, making them ambassadors of the environment in our society.
“We are pleased to announce that Doha College is the first school with which we have fully implemented recycling by installing a recycling station on the school campus,” she said. “We are thrilled to see young environmental heroes working to educate students and parents about the importance of taking this step.
“Doha College is making great efforts in this area, which is a great example for other schools to follow, and this is in line with Qatar’s National Vision 2030, especially with regard to ‘environmental development’,” said added al-Sayed.
During the 2021-22 academic year, Doha College put into practice a number of green initiatives, including:
* A week of sustainable development from November 28 to December 2, 2021, each day recognizing a different environmental theme.
* A live workshop from the COP26 conference on climate change.
* Collected 8,231 QRs for WWF animals (specifically an elephant, a tiger and a giant panda) and 8,231 QRs for the #TEAMSEAS initiative to remove litter from the ocean.
* The integration of a recycling theme on World Book Day, namely a book exchange.
* The creation of a Meatless Walk recipe book, in collaboration with the school’s Diversity, Equality and Inclusion committee.
* A beach cleanup in collaboration with DEAP Qatar.
* Lights out to celebrate Earth Hour.
* Collected over 10,000 QRs on World Earth Day and participated in a public science project by WWF and the British Antarctic Survey.
* Participate in the FIFA green card campaign, after being nominated by DEAP Qatar.
Since the recycling center opened, students and staff have been using it not only to recycle waste created at school, but also to bring recyclables from home, with parents doing their part in equal measure.
Principal Dr Steffen Sommer said on the occasion: “We are exceptionally proud to live up to the sustainability award we received in 2018, as the first institution in Qatar, and we are very proud that we already have two “green” flags, and are now going through the motions to get the third “green” flag.
“Our planet is in danger and education is essential for our young people to fully understand that recycling is integral to the sustainability, safety and sustainability of the planet for future generations,” he said. . “We hope that this notion, through the students, will trickle down to parents and friends so that recycling, which may feel like a chore at first, soon becomes normal.”
“I am exceptionally proud of the relationship with ERP, and I am also proud that Doha College is one of the first schools to have chosen this path here in Qatar, and I hope many will follow very soon,” said added Dr. Sommer.