Construction & Demolition Recycling – May June 2022

Cover story


Premier Recycle Co. in San Jose, California puts sustainability first with comprehensive waste guidance and material diversion.

Focus on Equipment | Crushing and screening

Crushing costs of poor screening

Minimizing recirculation through better screening can help increase the profitability and efficiency of C&D processors.

Focus on operations | Metal recovery

Every last ounce

Historically high scrap metal prices are creating blessings and burdens for demolition contractors and mixed C&D recyclers.

Handling of mixed materials

A growing force

Michael Brothers Hauling & Recycling strives to establish full-service blended C&D recycling operations within unique challenges in the Pennsylvania market.

C&D Wood

go with the grain

Choosing the right equipment and facility design plays a key role in effectively processing wood waste.

List of C&D mixed processors

List of top 20 mixed C&D recyclers

C&DR ranks the largest processors of C&D materials operating in the United States today.