Commissioners agree to issue of $ 5 million landfill expansion bond | Latest news

The bond is for a period of 15 years.

“The timing is right,” Keene told county board members this week. “Engineers may envision that more work will be needed in the years 2028-2029 – but it may or may not happen, they just talked about it. With your approval and that of the board, we will go to market very soon after the bids open, so we will stick exactly what we need.

Keene also noted that a rate study for the landfill will likely be done in the near future, with the last one completed in 2017, “but nothing in this funding requires it.”

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Commissioner Daniel Grotz, a member of the Board of Directors of the Solid Waste Agency, said the project would extend the life expectancy of the landfill until 2063. “As it goes, there will be expenses to build this area, but that’s the main expense to start.

“We also had questions about the scraper and why such a high price,” continued Grotz. “We asked if anyone was considering buying used in order to get a lower price. We spoke with the city’s director of public works, because $ 939,000 is a big sum to swallow. But the current one dates from 1992 and has 8,300 hours. It needs some repairs and they thought it was time to update this scraper. It could also be used to build new roads around this landfill pod. The life of the scraper would correspond to the life of the enlargement of this landfill. When the city’s public works looked at this, they decided that was what made the most sense and that was the way to go. The city council also approved this purchase in their budget, we just approved the funding.