Colgan students lead outdoor recycling initiative | Education

After noticing an accumulation of recyclable waste on their school property, Charles J. Colgan, Sr. High School, created and implemented an outdoor recycling program.

The project is the latest initiative from the student-led nonprofit Healthy Environments Advance Life (HEAL).

HEAL members reached out to the Prince William County Public Schools Energy Management and Sustainability Team (EMAST) for advice on how to make their vision a reality. EMAST and the School System Facilities Department assisted in the purchase and installation of the bins at Colgan High. The collaboration inspired the students to take their idea one step further.

Junior Tony Bright explained: “Working with EMAST has allowed us to align our goals and to be able to create project-based learning. [PBL] experience to extend the outdoor recycling program to other schools.

Jessica Weimer, member of EMAST, said: “The components of sustainability are included in their PBL experience. Thus, students design a program for other students. In any subject, teachers would be able to use this APP to present a real-world scenario about recycling, waste reduction, and energy conservation to their students. »

Colgan students plan to help implement this experiment in elementary schools. Senior Tia Brown explained, “We want to start with elementary schools because we want to teach them why it’s so important, how it can affect their health, the health of their parents, and how it will benefit everyone around them. ‘them.