Clark County Recycling District to Provide $ 4,000 in Scholarships | News

CLARK COUNTY – The Clark County Recycling District Green Scholarship application came easily for Evelyn Minton of Clarksville.

She created a TikTok video on recycling items she already had at home, adding facts as to why it’s so important.

“We have always recycled in my home, as far back as I can remember,” she said. “It was a very important thing for my mother. She always wanted to instill it in me and my family.”

This TikTok video won second place in last year’s competition and the $ 1,000 prize is for Minton’s science degree at the University of Manchester.

Other Clark County high school students are fortunate enough to receive the same scholarship this school year. The scholarship submission process is now open.

To apply, students must submit a video on recycling and sustainability to before February 25. Videos should be 15 to 45 seconds long and focus on the importance of recycling. Next, students should write a one-page letter about the purpose of the video and why recycling is important to them. All submissions must also include a letter of recommendation from a teacher.

“This will be our fourth year to do this,” said Debby McGrath, executive director of the Clark County Recycling District, adding that many solid waste districts across the state offer scholarships each year.

There are five prizes available to be won, with a grand prize of $ 1,500 available for the best video. The second prize receives $ 1,000 and three scholarships of $ 500 are also available.

“(This program) is a useful way for the district to reinforce with students, our next generation, the importance of recycling, waste reduction and overall environmental stewardship,” she said.

Residents of Clark County also pay for the scholarship. Aluminum cans and scrap metal deposited at the Charlestown recycling center help fund the fund. A total of $ 4000 will be awarded this year.

“Our clients have been very positive about this scholarship,” said McGrath. “They like the idea of ​​bringing in scrap metal or aluminum cans because it helps the students and gives them a sense of community.”

So far a video has been submitted. McGrath says the majority of students apply within the final two weeks of the competition.

The deadline to apply for the Clark County Recycling District scholarship ends February 25.