City of Chicago :: Recycling

Everything you need to know about residential recycling in the city of Chicago can be found on Recycle by City, the Department of Streets and Sanitation (DSS) partner for recycling education. The City’s Blue Cart program offers recycling services every two weeks to single-family homes and multi-unit buildings of four units or less. By committing to recycling daily, you can reduce the need for landfills, lower disposal costs, reduce pollution, and conserve natural resources, such as wood, water, and minerals.

Recently, the DSS supported the publication of the 2021 waste strategy of the city of Chicago, a comprehensive waste and materials management plan that reviews the City’s waste management system with the goal of reducing waste disposal and associated negative environmental impacts; reduce costs and increase efficiency; maximize economic investment and workforce development opportunities; and fight against inequalities in social and environmental justice.

Residential recycling (single-family homes and multi-unit buildings of four units or less)

Residential recycling (multi-unit buildings of five or more units must have a separate recycling service)

Business requirements and recycling